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17. – 7 Steps on how to get a manager

Here i will help you on how to get manager and how they will get you out the bedroom into the career you dreamed of.
Step 1
Have some amazing songs. Songs that you are so confident with it wouldn’t bother you if the first 10 people you played them to said they were awful.
Step 2
Create some public traction. Perform the songs and stick them online. Try loads of websites and venues until you find people who like your work.
Step 3
Have your songs produced. Try loads of producers until you find someone who makes them sound great. hint you can find loads at music networking events
Step 4
Keep feeding these people with great songs and content and watch your following slowly grow
Step 5
Watch your following start to bring in new unexpected business opportunities
Step 6
Realise your reputation is so good that when you reach out to management companies and individuals they respond to you
Step 7
Understand that a manager would take 20% of your income and make you sign contracts that would sacrifice some of your freedom
Sorry about the sarcasm but the reality is that i get approached weekly with artists wanting a manager so i wanted to hit hard with a reality check. The thing is they are only partially right about their position. Yes they would make things easier, yes a manager can make things happen but it’s a 2 way street. You need to have something to give back to the manager in return. They too need to earn a living and the reality is that there are far more artists out there than managers so we have to make ourselves look like an attractive partner. 
The thing is not to want a manager but to be so great that a manager wants you.
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