3. Majors vs Independents - The Artist Potential
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3. Majors vs Independents

As niche, small  or unsigned artists, its easy to blame the industry for your misfortunes. It’s fashionable to blame majors for your own credibility.
BUT the music isn’t and never has been a case of Us vs Them.
Your album isn’t selling, oh that’s because the majors have polluted everyones minds with cheesy pop..
Your gig tickets aren’t selling. Oh that’s because people want to stay at home and watch X-Factor
I enjoy posting offensive meme’s about Simon Cowell.
Any of the above sound familiar?
There are a lot of questionable things that come out of Major Labels, but they are not wholly bad. Many great artists have been launched from majors. Many small artists have been amplified by the power of the major label.
Major labels are big and powerful and it may feel like they are controlling the world but the main thing is that they need a constant supply of fresh, creative music to work. They need small, humble, raw & authentic artists to invest in. Without the unsigned artist they can’t function.
Major labels also have clout and setup trade bodies and lobby their governments so that music is represented. A record labels function is to make money from music. Youtube’s function is to make money from advertising traffic. Given the choice who would you prefer to be fighting for your rights?
They may not be representing you but they represent music.
If making money from music is important to you then the major label needs the unsigned artist as much as the unsigned artist needs the major label.
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