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6. Harnessing the magic of creativity

The magic, the wonder, the voodoo that is creativity. Why is it never there when we need it? why does it all pop up at inconvenient times. How do we harness such immense power?
Too many, creativity is an unknown force that passes through the universe and happens to them. We want it but they have no control over it. We feel alive and gifted when it happens but dead when it’s gone. So what if i were to tell you that creativity comes from within, what if i was to say that creativity can be harnessed anywhere and anytime?
This is the truth, It can be.
Understand that creativity is a new connection of ideas in the brain, it’s a shift in perspective on reality, and when you understand this it’s puts you back in control. 
The first part of harnessing creativity is to understand it’s enemy: The processes that cause fixed thinking and consistent behaviour. We know these processes as Habits.
So to find creativity you need to break your habits. There might be ones you find easy to notice of such as making a cup of tea and starting every recording session by listening to your favourite music. Then there might be ones that are harder to spot such as changing the route you make to the studio, the posters on your wall, the lighting level and colours in the studio, the time of day you write your music, the smoking break you have after writing for an hour or the way your hand automatically lands on the E-chord of the guitar or the A-chord of the piano, the way you load the same project template in Logic/Cubase etc. All these habits put you in a fixed pattern of thinking. They just confirm what you already know and don’t provide any extra information in your life. Next time you;re having a dry creative spell , try to spot something you regularly do and change it.
The  second part of creativity is knowledge but not just any knowledge. I’m not talking about learn 5 way to hammer a nail. I mean deeply resonating emotional knowledge. Documentaries on space, romantic thrillers, books on slavery, visiting a safari park or even just talking to people.  Anything that gives you an emotional response WILL impact your music. Couple this with newly broken habits and you have a recipe for some truly original work.
Now just before i finish i do want to warn you. When you harness this new creative control in your life, ideas will come fast and it will be exiting. You will become more productive and maybe even try to refine the process. you will try make it easier for yourself and just as you get more comfortable, the new ideas dry up. Why? because you’ve turned this wonderful new chaos of ideas into a habit. But, you know what to do from here…… break it!
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