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The only thing you ever need to know for success

Be weary of the information in this video currently making the rounds. It follows a similar procedure to many online scams. They give away a free product to draw you in with an continual up-sell to more products behind a paywall. Of course this person could be genuine so i have the following information to add.
For someone that has been working in the music business for 15 years. No one holds golden strategy for success. Success can’t be reduced in a “5step plan”, there is no recipe. Our lives are dominated by random acts of nature, we can’t predict the future with much certainty, any plan we make has an element of risk, no strategy is perfect. Even major record labels who control so much of the market can only achieve 5% of their artists to record a 2nd album.
I’ve had 2 record deals, worked with grammy award winning artists, generated a million views on youtube and I’ve worked with 100’s of artists. I’ve seen and used so many strategies and i can say the best are the ones that go against the grain, the ones that don’t follow the norm. In the music business , marketing is as important as the art and sometimes it’s better to stick out rather than follow the same path as everyone else. Not using social media is a powerful statement just a poignant as scheduling a comprehensive social media strategy. Only releasing music on vinyl creates a rarity value just as effective as spreading yourself across every music system. Having a loyal fanbase and established reputation can slow your artistic growth in the long run. What is right way?
We live in an era where genre is becoming less and less important, song length is no longer limited by physical mediums, cultures are fusing and evolving, we have millions of sounds at our fingertips. 
The artist’s career journey is a struggle, unlike a salary job you feel you need to turn up 110% every day. Progress is very self centric so thoughts of self doubt can dominate your mindset regularly. Schemes like the above prey on our doubt by offering “clear solutions”. The thing is it’s normal and healthy to doubt yourself, it stops us from becoming overconfident and jumping in the deep end 24/7.  It’s the decisions we make when we are down that we should pay attention to and sometimes it’s best to do nothing and ride out the storm rather than chase every opportunity under the sun.
My advice and opinion is that there’s nothing wrong with doing music for the love and having a side job for money. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make a living from music. I have just never seen an ultimate strategy to success, only huge amounts of ambition and a huge dose of luck. Do you want base your career on the advice of one person?
Some Music Business Info can be found here a blog with 100’s of artist contributors and not just 1 persons viewpoint. limited opportunities but good info.worth a shot, nothing to loose. Genuinely helpful people. cool networking events.
Ps don’t rely to heavily on Facebook for marketing. Facebook rely upon ad revenue so they limit the amount of people your posts can reach organically. It’s pretty normal for a post to reach about 0.2% of your fans without ads.
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